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Athletic Director

John Fernandez

Admin. Asst.

Bianca Ramirez

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Welcome to Coyote Country!

Madera High School strives to provide an athletic environment that will enrich the student’s overall educational experience. Our goal is to provide competitive opportunities that encourage lifetime activities, commitment, teamwork, and character development amongst all student-athletes that are consistent with Madera Unified School District. Our athletic programs firmly believe that all participants are students first and athletes second, as it is part of our District Athletic Policy.

The committee visited Madera High and examined the school’s academic programs, support and intervention areas, staff and extracurricular activities. Several MUSD employees — from Madera High staff members to administration at the District Office — were interviewed by the WASC committee to gather feedback relative to Madera High.

A letter sent by Thomas Beecher, chairman of the WASC commission, indicated Madera High was granted a six-year accreditation “after a careful study of the visiting committee report, which noted many laudable aspects of the school.”

All Parents with a High School Athlete

Please take advantage of our All Sports Pass for $90.00. This pass will admit two into ALL HOME games. (excluding tournaments & play-offs)
All Sports Pass can be purchased at the MHS Business office.
Contact the Athletic Office for additional information.

All MHS Students ONLY!

Activities/Athletic PASS available for $45. Great deal if you plan on attending HOME games and school dances!

Playoff Divisions

Division I – Baseball, Softball
Division II – Girls Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Wrestling, Girls Wrestling, Swim & Dive, Track & Field, Boys Volleyball, Boys Golf, Girls Golf
Division III – Boys Cross Country, Football, Girls Volleyball, Boys Water polo, Girls Water polo, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Tennis
Division IV – Girls Tennis
Coyote football

Welcome to Coyote Football!

Kenneth Paolinelli
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Football Schedules

girls flag football

Welcome to Coyote Girls Flag Football!

Head Coach

2024 - 2025
Football Schedules

  • JV Football Schedule
  • Varsity Football Schedule
girls golf

Welcome to the Girls Golf Season!

Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Girls Golf Schedule

cross country

Welcome to Coyote Cross Country!

Mike Martinez
Interim Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Cross Country Schedule

  • Cross Country Schedule
girls tennis

Welcome to Coyote Girls Tennis!

Victor Ramirez
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Girls Tennis Schedule


Welcome to Coyote Gymnastics!

Kirsten Lamaack
Head Coach

2024 - 2025
Gymnastics Schedules

GIrls Volleyball

Welcome to Coyote Girls Volleyball!

Pablo Rodriguez
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Girls Volleyball Schedules

To our returning players and parents, thank you for your patience during these bizarre and unparalleled times. We know your daughters are eager to get back on the court and compete in the game that we all love. And we know that you are just as antsy to be a spectator and to be a witness to the joy that the world of sports brings into your daughter’s life. We, as their coaches, yearn for their energy, their exuberance for the game, and their silly antics amongst each other. The BEST thing about this forced break is that when your daughters finally enter our gyms again the excitement that has manifested over time will be incredibly powerful, and hopefully immensely motivating to make the most of every moment that we will have together!

And to our hopeful newbies – both parents and athletes. We are very much looking forward to meeting you and putting a face to the name that we have blindly been communicating with for the past few months. We also appreciate your fortitude and want you to know that we, like your daughters, are getting restless with our current guidelines and recommendations but are trusting that the health department of Madera, as well as our district athletic directors, have our best interests in mind. Our highest priority is the safety of your children – please always know that.

When we are finally given the green light, we are going to hit the ground running and we will need your support as we navigate through a potentially thrilling but anxiety filled season. The beginning is upon us – and there is a light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel that we have been struggling through!

See you soon!
– Coach Haas and the entire Coyote Girls Volleyball Coaching Staff

boys water polo

Welcome to Coyote Boys Water Polo!

Ashlee Gibbs
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys JV/V Water Polo Schedules

girls water polo

Welcome to Coyote Girls Water Polo!

Lola Gil

2023 - 2024
Girls JV/V Water Polo Schedules

Sideline Cheer & Dance

Alexis Revuelta

2023 - 2024

  • Varsity
  • JV
  • Frosh (Cheer Only)
girls basketball

Welcome to Girls Basketball Season!

Girls Basketball Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Girls Basketball Schedule

  • Girls Basketball Schedule
boys basketball

Welcome to Boys Basketball Season!

David Lozano
Boys Basketball Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys Basketball Schedule

  • Varsity Basketball Schedule 
boys soccer

Welcome to the Boys Soccer Season!

Henry Munoz
Head Varsity Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys Basketball Schedule

girls soccer

Welcome to the Girls Soccer Season!

Thannia Huerta
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Girls Soccer Schedule


Welcome to Coyote Wrestling Season!

Joe Romine
Boys Coach

Ryan Philp
Girls Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys Wrestling Schedule

  • Boys Wrestling Schedule
  • Girls Wrestling Schedule

Welcome to Coyote Competition Cheer & Dance!

Alexis Revuelta

2023 - 2024
Winter Schedule

  • Varsity
boys golf

Welcome to Boys Golf Season!

Head Coach

Assistant Coach (TBD)

2023 - 2024
Golf Schedule


Welcome to the Coyote Softball Season!

Judy Shaubach
Head Coach

Please contact Melissa Armiento “Coach A” for summer workout information at

2016 Valley Softball Champs

2023 - 2024
Softball Schedules

boys swim

Welcome to the Coyote Swim & Dive Season!

Ashlee Gibbs
Boys Head Coach
Swim Head Coach

Lisa Bennett
Dive Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys Swim Schedule

Boys Tennis

Welcome to the Boys Tennis Season!

Victor Ramirez
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Boys Tennis Schedule

track and field

Welcome to the Track & Field Season!

Mike Martinez
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Track & Field Schedule

Boys Volleyball

Welcome to the Boys Volleyball Season!

Rhonda Jefferson
Head Coach

2023 - 2024
Volleyball Schedules

Welcome to another exciting year of Boys Volleyball,

Boys Volleyball is becoming a highly recognized sport at all levels. This year, as any, is filled with promise, talent, and hard-working athletes and coaches. We welcome everyone aboard for an exciting year of volleyball.

Coyote Boys Volleyball provides an opportunity for student-athletes to learn and develop their skills. Our goal is not only to teach volleyball skills, it is to also teach athletes life skills they will use outside of volleyball. It is our experience that many lessons are learned in athletics, and WE BELIEVE our athletes will learn how to grasp success as well as setbacks, with class and dignity.

I would like to thank all of our athletes, parents, family, friends, supporters, community, and sports fans for your continued support and encouragement with our program.

Thank you,

Coach Jefferson

2017 Valley Champions / 2018 Valley Champions & Northern CA State Champions

Competitive Cheer

Alexis Revuelta

2023 - 2024

  • Varsity

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

Madera High School’s Athletic Training and Sports Medicine program strive to promote excellence in healthcare for all MHS and visiting athletic programs. As a primary clinical site for CTE/ROP students,  student-athletic trainers assist in the health and safety of our student-athletes on a daily basis.

As a Sports Medicine Program, its goal is to impact the health, wellness, and disease prevention of all student-athletes. Sports and athletics are instrumental with the guidance in modern society, and therefore as a program, we continue to make improvements in equipment, facilities, opportunities, and performance.

Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries which occur during sports practice, athletic competitions, and physical activities continue to be the focus of the Sports Medicine Program and as a result, athletes return from injury more quickly, careers last longer, and protective training and equipment are more effective.

White Paw Print


NCAA logo

NCAA Eligibility Center

What Every Coyote Athlete Should Know

Your student-athlete experience for college begins here!! Click on the link above to gather and identify information that will be instrumental as you prepare your journey for your future college experience. Explore the site to learn more about the NCAA Eligibility Center, all NCAA Athletic Divisions, Eligibility Standards, and other prudent information. 

This brochure is a grade by grade breakdown (9th-12th) on what student/athletes should complete throughout their (4) years of high school to be eligible for NCAA Eligibility Center clearance.

ACT & SAT Test Scores

  • When you register for the SAT or ACT, use the NCAA Eligibility Center code of 9999 so your scores are sent directly to the Eligibility Center from the testing agency. 
  • A combined SAT score is calculated by adding reading and math subscores.
  • An ACT sum score is calculated by adding English, math, reading, and science subscores.
  • You may take the SAT or ACT an unlimited number of times before you enroll full-time in college. If you take either test more than once, the best sub-score from different tests is used to meet initial eligibility requirements. 
  • Use the below links to review the Test Sliding Scales:

International Academic Requirements

How does Covid-19 affect eligibility?

Use these links to learn how COVID-19 pandemic affects college-bound student-athletes:

Additional Publications links

NCAA Guide for College Bound Student/Athletes

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics: NAIA

National Junior College Athletic Association: NJCCA

California Community College Athletic Association: CCCAA

Awards & Scholarships

Junior League of Fresno-Senior Girl Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This award is presented to honor female athletes from 22 local high schools and recognizes them for their outstanding contributions to athletics, academics, and citizenship. They will be awarded a medallion and scholarship in the memory of our fellow Junior League Member and Senior Girl Athlete Program creator, Dorothy “Dottie” Rohlfing.

Qualifications-  To qualify, the applicant must be a female graduating senior.

Candidates will be judged on:

  • Athletic Prowess-60%
  • Academic Achievement-30%
  • Community Involvement-10%

Deadlines  Given to the athletic office by; TBD

CIF Central Section Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This award is presented to honor thirty-four outstanding students in the Central Section and will consist of two awards to be given to the one male and one female candidate, from each league. Each winner receives a $500 scholarship and will be recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner in April.

Qualifications-  To qualify, the applicant must be a graduating senior, possess no less than a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, have participated in two varsity sports in the Central Section for at least two years and have a record of good citizenship.

Candidates will be judged on:

  • Athletic Prowess- 50%
  • Academic Achievement- 35%
  • Community Involvement- 15%

Deadlines  Given to the athletic office by: TBD

CIF State Spirit of Sport Award

This award recognizes one male and one female state-wide winner during each season of sport. Student-athletes are selected based on exemplary sportsmanship, school/community service and leadership. Each winner receives a patch, award, a $500 scholarship and will be recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner in April.

Deadlines  must be postmarked by date below

    • Fall 2024: TBD
    • Winter 2025: TBD
    • Spring 2025: TBD

CIF State Scholar-Athlete of the Year

This prestigious program recognizes 2 student-athletes based on excellence in athletics, academics and character. One male and one female statewide winner will each receive $5,000 as well as a visit to the State Capitol in Sacramento where they will be honored in front of the legislature.

Deadlines  must be postmarked by :TBD

Mail to: CIF State Office Attn: CIF Scholar-Athlete of the Year 4658 Duckhorn Drive Sacramento, CA 95834

SJVOA Officials Association Memorial Scholarship

The SJVOA Officials Memorial Scholarship was established to honor local officials: Mr.Katen, Mr. Penberthy, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Lemon and Mr. Medina.  The scholarship is looking to recognize senior student-athletes who want to continue their education and to recognize student-athletes, for being just that, a student and an athlete.  We fully realize that many student-athletes will never play another minute of team sports once this senior season is over.  However, almost every student-athlete wants to have an opportunity to improve themselves and their future. We want to recognize them for their academic persistence, their athletic dedication, and their community involvement by awarding them this scholarship.  We are looking for that student-athlete who fits this role.  Someone who is a motivational player.  Someone who is a leader.  Someone who gives their team that spark when they need it.  Yet, is someone who gives back to their school and community.  These descriptions characterize our friends and fellow officials. 

Deadlines  must be postmarked by: TBD.

Mail to: SJVOA Officials Memorial Scholarship 5481 N. Hazel Fresno, CA 93711

Madera Babe Ruth Ken Taylor Scholarship

Four $300 scholarships will be awarded to two boys and two girl athletes who have participated in high school team sports or pep and cheer. 


  1. Boosters Club Scholarship Application 
  2. Three Letters of Recommendation (one from a coach) 
  3. Transcript 
  4. Activity Form

Madera Babe Ruth Ken Taylor Scholarship

Two $250.00 scholarships will be awarded, one (1) to a MHS student and one (1) to a MSHS student, who participated in Madera Babe Ruth (minimum of one year), and is planning to attend college full time. Selection will be based on a G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher, school activities, and participation in athletics. 


  1. General Application
    1. Includes a Personal Statement. Please write about the value of participating in the Babe Ruth program in the Personal Statement.
  2. Transcript 
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation:
    1. Teacher (1)
    2. Athletic Coach (1) 
  4. Form

Joe L. Flores Memorial Scholarship

A $500 scholarship will be awarded to one MHS senior planning to attend college full-time. Selection will be based on a GPA of 3.0 or higher, school and community activities, and participation in sports.


  1. General Application (includes Personal Statement) 
  2. Letters of Recommendation 
  3. Activities Form

Madera High School Sporting Complex (Map)

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